Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Swap Set - Card #1: Spooky Shadows

I'm back from vacation and ready to craft!  We had a great couple of weeks showing off our beautiful Pacific Northwest to my hubby's family from Sweden.   I have lots of pictures to scrapbook soon from the beach, the Gorge, Hood River, Mt. Hood, and Seattle.

During the road trips, I took advantage of the time by working on some swap projects, so I have a few new projects to show you this week!    I'm participating in a consultant swap for our new 2015-2016 Idea Book ... we each do a set of 3 cards and one layout featuring one of our beautiful new paper sets.  You make 10 sets, and then swap 9 of those sets with the other consultants.  In the end, I'll have 10 beautiful sets of artwork each featuring different styles and a different paper kit!   Pretty cool!

My swap items feature the Nevermore set, which is our great new Halloween-themed set featured in our first ever Holiday Expressions Idea Book!   The paper and accessories are available now through December 31st, so grab them now in time for Halloween!

I know Halloween cards aren't very common, but think of these as a starting point -- these would make great gift bag fronts, goodie box decoration, or even home decor in a frame!

Card #1:   "Spooky Shadows"


  1. Place the watercolor paper in portrait (taller than wider) position.  Using a very wet brush, apply a small amount of orange paint across the bottom of the paper in horizontal strokes.  Keep slowly working up the page until the brush is out of paint.
  2. Re-wet the brush and apply purple ink about 1/3 from the top of the paper in horizontal strokes.  Fan the brush down toward the orange paint until they are slightly overlapping and the brush is out of paint.
  3. Re-wet the brush and apply black ink at the top of the paper, moving toward the purple section in horizontal strokes.  Overlap the colors slightly.   Add more water as needed to dilute the paint and help with blending.  Add more paint as desired to make the colors more intense.   Set aside the background to dry.  Once it is dry to the touch, place it on a flat surface with something heavy (such as a large book) on top so it will remain flat while drying completely overnight.
Cricut Design Studio:
  1. Insert image #M131A90.   Ungroup the image, and then detach the card from the scoring line.  Delete the scoring line.
  2. Insert shape of a square and resize it so it is large enough to cover the entire left side of the house card.   Select both the square and the house layers, and slice.  Delete the square and the blank left side of the card, leaving only the house.  Resize the house to 3.4" x 4.15".
  3. Insert shape of a square and resize it to 4" x 5.25".   Insert shape of another square and resize it to 3.5" x 4.5".   Center the second rectangle over the first, leaving more space at the bottom than the top.  Select both layers, and slice.  Delete the rectangle in the center, leaving only the frame.
  4. Layer the house into the frame so the bottom and left edges are just slightly overlapping.  Select both the house and frame layers, and weld.
  5. Select the bat/moon layer and click Contour.  Deselect all shapes except the one single bat.  Turn off contour, leaving only the one bat visible.   Resize bat to be 0.7" wide.   Create 4 more copies of the bat layer, for a total of 5 bats.  Adjust the size of each bat so they are a little different (but similar) sizes.
  6. Arrange 3 of the bats at the edges of the house frame:  one near the top left corner, one near the top right corner, and one down the right side.   Select these bats and the house frame and weld.  The remaining 2 bats will remain lose to be glued down to the background later.   Set these 3 layers to cut in black.
  7. Insert shape of a circle and resize it to 1.125".   Set this layer to cut in white.
  8. Insert image #M1067C7.  Ungroup the image, and then detach the ghost background from the scoring line layer. Delete all layers of the Halloween pop up card except the ghost background layer.
  9. Select the ghost layer and click Contour.  Deselect all shapes except the one single ghost.  Turn off contour, leaving only the one ghost visible.  Resize ghost to be 0.75" high.  Set this layer to cut in white.
  10. Cut out all pieces.
  1. Emboss moon.
  2. Stamp and distress all pieces as indicated in the ink ingredients section.
  3. Attach Grey Gears behind the house windows, trimming as needed so the edges are hidden behind the house.
  4. Attach the moon to the backside of the house frame in the upper right corner.
  5. Adhere silver foil tape across the bottom of the house frame.
  6. Attach house frame to the watercolor paper, with the black color at the top.
  7. On the card base, use the thick tip of the marker to draw a solid line border all around the front edges.
  8. Attach the house/background to the card front.
  9. Use regular adhesive to apply the remaining 2 bats.
  10. Use thin foam tape to apply the title banner and ghost.

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