Wednesday, July 29, 2015

All-You-Can-Make Card Buffet!

I'm introducing a brand new monthly event ...
All-You-Can-Make Card Buffet!

Here's how it works:

  • You'll arrive and look up and down the buffet line at all the card options available to you.   Each month additional card options will be added, including seasonal specialties.
  • You'll pick a card to make first, and take an envelope full of pre-cut pieces back to your seat.
  • I'll be your "waitress" and will bring you any additional supplies you need to make your card and walk you through the process step by step.
  • You'll work on your card while socializing and having fun.  Be aware of paparazzi who love to have photos of our artists and their creations!    
  • You'll finish the card, show it off so everyone can "oooh" and "aaah" at your craftiness!  
  • Tuck your card away safely in the provided envelope to take home with you.
  • Return to the buffet and help yourself to another card packet.
  • Repeat the process as many times as you'd like over the two-hour creative feast!   I will give you a "last card" reminder when there are 15 minutes left to ensure you have time to finish.
What to bring:
  • Yourself
  • Your friends
  • A smile
  • Buffet fee (cash, credit, or paypal accepted)
Not ready for the full buffet?   Stop in for a free sample ... your first card is free!  

Price:   $15 for All-You-Can-Make Two-Hour Buffet   

Location:    Wilsonville, Oregon
Please RSVP to confirm the date and get the exact address

Thu, 7/30 7pm-9pm
Wed, 8/26 7pm-9pm

call:   503-805-1876

Not ready for the full buffet?   Stop in for a free sample ... your first card is free!  

The chef has no secrets around here, and will happily provide you with all the recipes for each creation.  That way, you can recreate your favorites again at home!

Want to bring some friends?  Great!  I'd suggest making a reservation to hold your spots.   Receive a special discount for each new friend you bring to the buffet!    

Private parties are also available, this would make a great shower theme (make all the thank you cards or announcements and give them to the guest of honor to use!), birthday parties, teen gatherings, etc.!   Card themes can be customized to meet your party's needs!

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